Victor Munoz

Success Story

Victor Munoz is a devoted husband and father of four who has been an electrician for more than 20 years. He enjoys working on cars, household chores, and yard work.

In November 2008, his life took an unexpected turn when he started experiencing numbness in his legs and difficulty with balance. After being referred to a neurosurgeon for tests, several lesions were found throughout his body. He underwent surgery to remove a cyst, but didn’t see any significant improvement in his condition.

Seeking a second opinion, Victor went to the University of New Mexico for further evaluation. The medical team suspected a tumor and conducted a biopsy. After the biopsy, Victor underwent a second surgery, which was followed by rehabilitation at a facility in Albuquerque. He gradually regained his strength and mobility, with the support of elbow crutches for balance. His condition remained stable through 2019.

Once again, however, Victor began experiencing decreased strength and endurance and returned to the hospital. He met with his neurosurgeon to discuss his options and was informed that the tumor had grown; removal was recommended. The third surgery was successful in removing most of the tumor

After the third surgery, Victor was transferred to Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico (RHSNM) in Las Cruces, N.M., for acute physical rehabilitation. Cheryl, one of the hospital’s clinical liaisons, worked tirelessly to arrange his transfer.

Victor says that his stay at RHSNM was truly wonderful, expressing deep gratitude to the staff. “The staff provided incredible help and support during my recovery,” he says. “It’s been humbling that I’ve had to rely on others for care, but the staff showed me genuine concern and made me feel valued.”

Among the staff, Nicole, a physical therapist, stood out to Victor for her exceptional dedication and determination. “She constantly pushed me to surpass my frustrations and challenges, setting higher goals every day,” he says. “This served as a great source of motivation. She provided me with the inspiration to get through it.”

Victor is happy to be returning home to his family and is aware that his recovery is not yet complete. He plans to continue being a strong advocate for his progress by participating in outpatient therapy at RHSNM.

Victor says, “God willing, if I can walk and run in a year, I am going to come in here running circles around this place, saying ‘Look at me!’”