Florencio Luna

Mr. Luna suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was involved in a roll-over motor vehicle accident.

One late afternoon, Florencio Luna was traveling with his wife and uncle on their way home from Durango, Mexico. They were involved in a roll-over motor vehicle accident, which totaled the truck they were driving. The accident left Mr. Luna unconscious, and his wife could not wake him.

Fortunately, a passerby stopped to help. This good Samaritan took Mr. Luna, his wife and uncle to the nearest hospital in Chihuahua, Mexico. There, they were all treated. But Mr. Luna, was transferred to a level I trauma center in El Paso, Texas. The trauma center treated him for multiple injuries including a severe traumatic brain injury.
“He spent three weeks there,” said Mrs. Luna, “in ICU on the ventilator, then was moved to the neuro-floor once he came off the ventilator. Someone from [Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico] came to see us. His name was Jesus. He talked to us about going to rehab and getting help in Las Cruces, and that the Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico specialized in brain injury recovery.
Mr. Luna transferred and admitted to Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico. “When I came here I could not talk or move my right side at all,” said Mr. Luna.
He remembered being in the gym close to a month after admission when he started to walk with help from therapy. Working with speech-language pathologists, his speech started to return, as well.
“We are so grateful to all the staff here (Lisa, Molly, Sherri, Teresa and so many more) for all their help,” Mr. Luna said. “Everyone helped me real good and I am very happy.”
During this time, Mr. Luna’s adult son had become injured, as well. He also recovered at the hospital in El Paso and at Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico. Both discharged home with good family support.
“When I left, I walked out and everyone was cheering and clapping,” Mr. Luna said of his discharge day. “I was surprised, my wife video taped it all.”
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